Victron Colour Control CCGX

Victron Color Control CCGX

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Victron Colour Control CCGX

The Victron Colour Control CCGX  provides intuitive control and monitoring for all products connected to it. The list of Victron products that can be connected is endless: Inverters, Multis, Quattros, all the latest MPPT solar chargers, BMV-700, Lynx Ion + Shunt and more. Connectivity options are endless, including WiFi and GSM communication. Besides monitoring and controlling products on the Victron Colour Control CCGX.VRM Online PortalBesides monitoring and controlling products on the CCGX, the information is also forwarded to our free remote monitoring website: the VRM Online Portal. To get an impression of the VRM Online Portal, visit Victron Energy, and try the demo. See also the screenshots in the datasheet.


  • Power Supply Voltage: 9-70V
  • DImensions: 130x120x28mm