Victron Battery Monitor BMV-700

Victron Battery Monitor BMV-700, the fuel gauge for your battery system

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Victron Energy Precision Battery Monitor

The BMV-700 is Victron’s high precision multi-function battery monitor with a host of useful features. It essentially acts as a battery ‘fuel gauge’ for anyone needing to keep a check on the performance of their battery or battery bank. The information displayed by the BMV-700 Victron Energy Precision Battery Monitor includes voltage, current draw, Ah consumed, % charge level, ‘time-to-go’ and it features a programmable alarm and in-built relay to trigger external equipment under an alarm condition.

Installation is easy and all required connection cables are supplied. The shunt is fitted in-line with the battery’s negative cable and the on-board PCB is powered by a fused positive supply. Once the battery monitor is panel-mounted in a suitable location (with or without the supplied square bezel) it is connected to the shunt’s PCB using a single RJ12 data/power cable and programmed using the on-board menu.


  • Displays the cumulative amp-hours used from the battery
  • Calculates state of charge based on capacity
  • Compact 2-1/16″ display is easy to install, 500A shunt included
  • 5-year warranty
  • User-programmable alarms