Victron VE Direct Cable 10m

Victron Energy VE.Direct Cable 10m for all Victron VE Direct connections such as MPPT or BMV Precision Battery Monitor.

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Victron VE Direct Cable

Victron Energy VE.Direct Cable 10m

VE.Direct is Victrons low cost point to point communications protocol and ports can be found on the following products:

  • BMV 700
  • BMV 702
  • BMV 700H
  • MPPT 75/15
  • MPPT 75/50
  • MPPT 150/35
  • Colour Control GX

VE.Direct ports can be used in a number of different ways:

  • Transferring battery monitor and/or solar controller information to a Colour control GX display
  • Adjusting solar controller setpoints with a PC
  • Datalogging from a battery monitor with a PC
  • Transfering battery monitor information to NMEA2000

Most new Victron Energy products will be with VE Direct connections in future.