Victron MC4Y Solar splitter pair

Victron Solar splitter pair MC4-Y

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Victron MC4Y Solar splitter pair

  • Compatible with MC4 connectors Also known as MC4 T connectors
  • CE and TUV certified Hard plastic;Protection Class: Class II Temperature Range: -40C~+90 C
  • One FFM; one MMF Withstanding voltage: 1000V DC(TUV), 600V(UL)
  • Contact Material: Copper, silver plated Flame Class: UL94-V0 or UL94-5VA
  • Protection Degree: IP67, mated Unmating Force: 200 Newton Insulation Material: PC/PA


Victron MC4Y solar splitter pair Branch Connectors are used for parallel wiring solar panels (PV modules). Sold as a pair, these “Y-Connectors” will maintain the voltage of the solar panel configuration to match the battery size. These connectors are solely compatible with MC4 connectors and come with one male (MMF) and one female (FFM) connector. Use these MC4 Branch Connectors to make tight, waterproof connections.



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