Solar Cooker LD-150

Solar Cooker LD-150 Parabolic, environmental friendly, inexpensive and durable

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Solar Cooker LD-150

—Material: High Quality Steel. —

  • Diameter: 1500mm —
  • Focus: 600mm —
  • Power: 1800W —
  • Focus area: >1.8 square meter —
  • Gross weight: 17kg — —
  • Reflector: vacuum aluminium film —
  • Long service lifespan and environmentally friendly —
  • Quality Approvals NY/ T219—2003

Solar Cooker LD-150, very durable, environmentally friendly, inexpensive alternative to cooking with firewood.

Uses the concentrated power of the Sun, no electricity needed. Protect your children from smoke inhalation.

Comes in box with assembly instructions, can also be seen for live demonstration in Harare at our sales partners.