Victron Solar Cable MC4 – 5 mtr

Victron Solar Cable (4 mm²) MC4 – 5 mtr length

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Solar Cable MC4

Victron Solar Cable MC4 (4 mm²) – 5 mtr length

A solar PV installation comprises various system voltages and electrical waveforms thus it is important to use the correct cable at each point in the system to ensure safe containment of the electrical energy throughout the installation. For the DC component of the installation, solar rated cable is normally required for conducting the electrical energy. Solar rated cable is usually comprised of a double insulation arrangement that is rated for higher than normal DC/AC voltages, extended temperature ranges and UV resistant. PV cable is usually also Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) rated which mitigates danger to humans & livestock in the event of smoke inhalation from the wiring.


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