I Kube F-150 Solar Generator

  • double battery bank (21,6 kWh in total)
  • 4 kW inverter
  • material resistant to marine atmosphere>
  • parallel operation up to 4 units (or 10 units) for a modular mobile solar farm
  • DC output12V / 24V / 48V
  • AC output 110V / 60Hz
  • 3phase output with 3 units
  • remote monitoring
  • trailer ability
  • coupling with wind turbine, for dual source power generation


I Kube F-150 Solar Generator

Mobile solar PV Generator

The I Kube F-150 Solar Generator is a solar generator able to guarantee up to 4kW of power supply. Designed to provide electricity in all areas of the globe not covered by a distribution grid, iKube can work even in the absence of sunshine offering the advantages of compactness, low noise, no fumes and fuel costs. The batteries contained in the base of only 1m³ are recharged by the photovoltaic generator which, with its surface of 9m², develops a power of 1,4 kW. Free yourself from rising energy costs. Take the energy you need wherever you go.

Can also be seen for live demonstration at our sales partners in Harare.

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