Freedomwon Commercial

Notes to Specification Sheet :

  1. Higher voltage batteries are available on request ranging up to 850V DC (nominal).
  2. Higher output power capacity available on request
  3. Warranty is 10 years or 3500 cycles, 70% capacity guaranteed by end of
  4. Based on one cycle per If two cycles per day divide years by two. For low duty cycling applications life is 20+ years.
  5. Continued use of the battery after the capacity has dropped to 70% is possible down to about 50%, which extends the service life until the actual usable capacity is too low for the requirements of the
  6. Potential free contacts and analogue outputs also available on request for several control features (details on request).
  7. Charging below 0°C not Extended time above 45°C not recommended for optimal battery life.


FW Lite Commercial Specsheet