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For Business, large commercial or industrial sites

Need a reliable large power solution to keep your business profitable and employees productive? Madison Solar has a number of solutions allowing you to maintain your focus and supporting your business to its predicted potential and beyond. Excellence  you can rely on.

For Business

Data Security

Never worry about power cuts destroying or corrupting data. Your systems are safe with a Madison Solar solution.


Enhance your Product

Go clean, go green. With our large commercial systems, you can finally power your business.


Finally, you can cost your product and service with a reliable metric, that will cost you less over time.

Free up the Grid, Deliver your Product

Going solar will free up resources, reducing pressure on the system as well as reducing emissions and making your business compliant for the future of sustainable infrastructure and service delivery. Finally, having a reliable power supply is priceless. Commercial and Industrial 3 Phase Electricity is more expensive than residential power per KWh. If your monthly electricity bill shows tens of thousands of dollars, talk to us today to design a customized solar solution reducing that bill to close to naught, while offering the best and shortest possible financial return of your investment.


During the night the system is disconnected from the grid. The site is powered by energy stored in the battery. The system will reconnect the grid when the battery is discharged.

Battery Charging

The next day, when the PV array produces sufficient power to supply the loads and to start charging the battery, the system will regulate charge current to absorb surplus PV power.


Daytime Excess

Power management during the day is exceptionally important. The system will automatically determine what PV load from the panels is distributed to batteries or used directly at the premises.


UPS Function

When the grid fails, the system will continue to power the home. Additionally when the voltage from the grid drops below safe levels, the system will automatically protect the home.

How We Help Our Clients

Madison Solar Engineering have built a reputation on installing highest quality solar power systems across Zimbabwe. We provide an extensive service to clients to make the right decisions for their business success. Our Engineering team precisely measures your electricity usage by installing a data logger that records 24 hour usage cycles. The data will be analysed and forms the backbone of our designs and system sizing recommendations. Solar farms or large roof top installations are no challenge to our flexible Fronius string inverters, which have just been nominated best solar inverters on the market.

Professional Energy Audit done by our qualified Engineers

An energy audit is the inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows, for energy conservation in a building, industrial site or home. This process or system is meant to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). In commercial and industrial real estate, an energy audit is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense and carbon footprints. There are 2 ways to do audits, namely data-logging and load analysis.

Through our Engineering department, we provide energy audit services, such as:

  • Data Logging
  • Load analysis
  • analysis of building and utility data, including study of the installed equipment and analysis of energy bills;
  • survey of the real operating conditions;
  • understanding of the building behaviour and of the interactions with weather, occupancy and operating schedules;
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Energy Savings Analysis
  • The selection and the evaluation of energy conservation measures;
  • The estimation of energy saving potential;
  • The identification of customer concerns and needs.
  • We also do repeated energy auditing process  to continually improve energy efficiency.

The Right Array

Madison match our customers budget to a solution designed to provide maximum benefit. Our solutions are backed by proven technologies with local support for the brands we supply.

Your Business

We look at your business needs and using technical analysis will give you solution based on your exact needs. Every client has specific needs which include expansion options.

Post-Sale Service

Our after sale service is as important to us as our product offerings. Knowing that we are here for you from the moment you enquire till long after you purchase a product.

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3 Phase

Configuring parallel and three phase systems is easy. Plug and Play.

A Complete System

Solar energy can be combined with a grid connection. But a grid that suffers from power failures in combination with an insufficient solar supply requires support of a generator. The Victron Quattro, with built-in transfer switch connects both the grid and a generator. This entirely automates the switching process between the grid and the generator.

Remote Monitor

The system can be monitored and updated remotely by technicians.

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Power Where You Need It

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Just Buy an Inverter and Batteries?

Absolutely, we have many clients who start their solar journey with an inverter and batteries only. The reason we get many of them adding solar panels later is simple, the sun charges up your batteries during the day and you get a return on investment by producing free power from the sun. Eventually you can be producing 100% free energy.

How long does it take to install?

Generally our average install time is 3 days. Larger or more complex installations can be longer. We can usually do the work in segments so the solar panels are installed and then the inverter battery installation is done. Madison is also able to structure an install to suit your schedule.

What size do I need?

This is very specific to your needs and we prefer to do a site evaluation to advise you correctly on the setup needed. Please use our contact form to book a visit.

What can I do to reduce the size of the system needed?

The best way to reduce the size requirement is to reduce usage. We advise all our clients to make these considerations before we size a system:

  • Can you change to LED lighting throughout your site?
  • Can you eliminate use of electric elements such as water heaters and ovens as well as kettles?
  • Are you able to shift your load requirements to daylight hours closer to solar noon?

Considerations like cooking on gas and heating water via solar geysers or gas result in lowering the overall size of the system you require or extending the battery life-cycle.

How soon can you install a system for me?

We are experiencing high volumes of enquiries and we will do our utmost to accommodate you. Please schedule an appointment for a quotation and we will then be able to tailor a package that suits your needs along with a installation time frame.

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