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Madison Solar Engineering, Fronius & Victron Energy

offer the most robust long-term Professional Power Solutions.

Zero Emissions. Silent. Sustainable with infinite Potential.

Never run out of Power again.

    Potentially eliminates monthly electricity costs.

Madison is celebrating more than 11 Years of Excellence and Competence in Zimbabwe, Experience and Quality you can rely on.

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A-Grade Solar Panels

A-Grade Solar Panels

Highest quality, high-transmission with tempered glass for enhanced stiffness. 25-year limited warranty on power output and performance. Victron, Solarcom, Suntech, TrinaSolar, Forge, C-Sun, Enersol

Victron Hybrid Inverters

Victron Hybrid Inverters

Pure sinewave output, high peak power and high efficiency. Capable of supplying power, problem-free, to any load.

Fronius Grid-tied Solar Inverter

Fronius Grid Tie Solar Inverter

Fronius System Solutions

The system solution from a single source.

Now even more flexible!
With the new Fronius Symo & Fronius Eco combi version

With the Fronius Power Package you can take full advantage of the benefits offered by Fronius string inverters for projects on a small and large scale.

Victron Color Control

Color Control

Color Control GX The Color Control (CCGX) provides intuitive control and monitoring for all products connected to it. The list of Victron products that can be connected is endless: Inverters, Multis, Quattros, all our latest MPPT solar chargers, BMV-700 and more.

Victron Battery Monitor

Battery Monitor

Battery ‘fuel gauge’, time-to-go indicator, and much more.  Next to the basic display options, such as voltage, current and ampere-hours consumed, the BMV-700 series also displays state of charge, time to go, and power consumption in Watts by using complex software algorithms.

Victron MPPT Solar Controller

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

PV voltage up to 150 V The BlueSolar MPPT 150/35 and 150/85 charge controllers will efficiently charge a lower nominal-voltage battery from a higher nominal voltage PV array. The controller will automatically adjust to a 12, 24, or 48 V nominal battery voltage

Industrial OPzS 2V Battery

Industrial OPzS 2V Battery

M-Solar industrial batteries are specifically designed to be used in larger solar applications. Sizes range from 530 Ah to 1660 Ah capacity. Expected lifespan is about 10-15 years depending on usage and cycling.

OPzS, OPzV, GEL & AGM Batteries

Gel and AGM Batteries

The AGM range has very low internal resistance making them particularly suitable for high current discharge applications. The GEL model range offer best deep cycle durability and overall longer life.

Solar Cable & Connectors Accessories

Solar Cable & Connectors

Silicon UV resistant Solar Cable and Y-Connectors for safe, professional and simple parallel or series/parallel connection of PV-modules. Pluggable with single-pole MC4-PV-cable coupler Ø 4mm.

Victron DC Fuse

DC Mega Fuse Protection

Victron DC Mega Fuse Assortments from 200A – 400A DC

Victron DC Fuse Holder

DC Mega Fuse Holder

Victron DC Mega Fuse Holder for use of DC Mega Fuse to protect your batteries

OPzS Battery Hydroplug Recombiner

Hydroplug Recombiner plug for 2V OPzS battery cells that reduce topping up with distilled water as gasses will be trapped and recycled back into the battery. Makes OPzS batteries nearly maintenance free. 2 sizes available 500 and 1000 depending on your battery capacity.

Victron Battery Charger

Victron Battery Charger Centaur

Centaur Charger 12 / 24 Volt Chargers  Designed to meet the requirements of both CE for Europe and UL for the United States, The Centaur model range features auto-ranging input covering 90-265VAC 50/60Hz input meaning they can be used anywhere in the world. Crucially, and unlike other products that state universal input, the Centaur range will maintain full output power within the entire specified range. Other features include fully automatic three stage charge characteristic that ensures batteries are fully charged every time and three isolated charge outputs for multi battery configurations to suit the majority of typical installations. Our range spans 12V and 24V models from 30A through to 60A.

Einhell Battery Charger

EINHELL Battery Charger Afen 12V/10A

EINHELL Afen 12V – 10A Fully automatic battery charger. Robust and reliable, ideal for all lead acid car and boat batteries up to 200Ah capacity. 15A Fuse protected.

Solar Cooker LD-150

Solar Cooker LD 150

Model: LD150
— Material: High Quality Steel.
— Diameter: 1500mm
— Focus: 600mm
— Power: 1800W
— Focus area: >1.8 square meter
— Gross weight: 17kg
— Net weight: 16kg
— Package: carton(80*71*10cm)
— Reflector: vacuum aluminium film
— Long service lifespan and environmentally friendly
— Quality Approvals : NY/ T219—2003

I-Kube F-150 Solar Generator

I-Kube F-150

Mobile solar PV generator

iKube is a solar generator able to guarantee up to 4kW of power supply. Designed to provide electricity in all areas of the globe not covered by a distrivution grid, iKube can work even in the absence of sunshine offering the advantages of compactness, low noise, no fumes and fuel costs. The batteries contained in the base of only 1m³ are recharged by the photovoltaic generator which, with its surface of 9m², develops a power of 1,4 kW. Free yourself from rising energy costs. Take the energy you need wherever you go.

Professional Solar Mounting Racks

Professional Solar Mounting Racks

Professional Alluminium Solar Roof Mounting Solutions

Rails, Tile Hooks, Tin Hooks, Splice Kits, Clamps, Adjustable legs

Solar Irradiation

The average solar irradiation in Zimbabwe is 5.7 kWh/m²/day with the north and west of the country having the highest irradiation potential. Solar PV in Zimbabwe has incredible potential due to it’s geological position and one of the highest solar isolation in the world. The PV market is steadily growing and few specialists such as Madison Solar Engineering are targeting commercial and industrial solar PV development as well as residential use of the Suns near infinite and free availability. Let us inspire you by nearly limitless options, all aiming at a better world by reducing your carbon footprint and less use of fossil, non sustainable energy resources. Become part of the green movement and simply contact us for a tailor made professional solution for your individual needs, with fastest financial return possible.

Annual Sunlight Hours


Sunny Days

Power Potential

Zimbabwe and surrounding areas enjoy optimum conditions for harnessing the sun’s energy efficiently.

It is sunny 65% of the daylight hours and provides over 2871 hours of sunshine. Madison Solar opens the door to all this power potential.


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What some of our clients are saying

Madison Solar is a great company to deal with. They delivered. Now at home, we have power from the sun!

David Hiten


My expectations were definitely exceeded by your work! Pleased is an understatement!

Gareth Howell


Loving the investment to solar, it certainly has taken the stress out of our daily routine.



Last night was my first night with no power and the system working. Very happy. I obviously need to monitor and learn more about the system which I will be doing as I write.



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